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Over the last few years more and more customers in the Calder Valley have come to us requesting training in Many fields.

One of which has been the increase in people buying large trailers and Caravans without having the required skills to tow them.

Here at Franklin and Morville we have developed a training course specifically designed for such clients which has become quite successful. Twice in the past few months alone we have actually been invited to Caravan dealerships where clients have quite eagerly decided to buy Caravans then asked themselves right how do we get it home without causing damage to an expensive purchase. Franklin and Morville came to the rescue and taught them the required skills in their own vehicles guiding them safely home.

Franklin and Morville Trailer

And 4x4 Training

Franklin and Morville School of Motoring can also teach you the required skills to pass the DSA trailer test using either your vehicle and Trailer or you can make use of our Land rover Discovery and Large Trailer.

Existing car or small vehicle drivers

If you already have a licence to drive cars or small vehicles (category B and BE), you'll keep your entitlement to tow trailers. Your entitlement to tow trailers will stay as it was when you passed your driving test.

To tow heavier trailers after 19 January 2013, you'll need to follow the rules for new drivers, below.

New drivers from 19 January 2013

Category B

There is no change to category B entitlement to tow trailers.

Category BE

If your trailer weighs over 750 kg and the combined trailer and towing vehicle weight is more than 3,500 kg, you’ll need to pass a further test. The trailer you tow must not be heavier than 3,500 kg. This test will be shown on your driving licence as category BE.

Category C1E

To tow a trailer weighing more than 3,500 kg with a car or small vehicle (category B), you’ll need to pass a test for category C1E.

Should you require further information regarding this Course please feel free to call or use the contact us button.